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Gear Up For Golf

Gear Up For Golf


DATE: May 10 - May 19th  4 classes

DAY:  Tuesday Thursday

TIMES: 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Cost: $20.84 (Code:7150)

Fitness Room 

  • Sport specific class will improve weak muscles caused from over use or tightness.
  •  Safety balance all major muscle groups involved in golf with exercises that strengthen core stabilizers & back. knees and much more. 
  • Some new equipment will help improve posture and alignment.  Become injury free, learn new techniques for proper warm-ups and cool downs to keep you strong for the whole golf season.  Bring your golf club. 

 PLACE: Thunder Bay 55 + 700 River St.

Instructor: Anne Parr To register for Programs by telephone, call 684-3066 or in person

Gear up for Golf FTF Level – C •

Work on your balance, strength, agility, and coordination in this fun and interactive fitness class

• Gym sticks will be used to maintain body balance, and core stabilizers will be used to prepare for the golfing season 

 • This course will be conducted indoors and outside, weather permitting 

• Its focus is to provide beneficial exercises to be used before, during, and after a day of golf.